Dear Partners,

After an absence of a few years, our company has restarted the production of nails. As we are in Transylvania, we thought of calling our nails ‘Great Nails’.  And Great they are!

The tradition of nail manufacturing is carried on at Câmpia Turzii. We have restarted the nail production on new, quiet, high-capacity and high-performance equipment. Our nails have a burr-free tip and a well centered head. The nails can stand in vertical position when placed on their head, testimony to their high quality of finish. The nails are perfectly straight and their surface comes out clean from the production line, as only a glossy surface wire is employed in manufacturing.

This is why, we thought of protecting the ‘GREAT NAILS’ brand under a trademark with the Romanian State Office for Inventions and Trademarks. We shall promote this new brand to reach all corners of Romania, European Union and beyond.

Quality and reliability will always be sought after, hence we made consumer satisfaction our main goal. So why not try the Great nails produced at Câmpia Turzii for yourselves? You shall not be disappointed!