In February we launched the sale of nails in new 5kg boxes. The 5kg boxes are now available in shops around the country.

We started packing nails in a 5kg box, as this is the most efficient way of packing and using the product. In the past, nails were packed in boxes weighing 25kg or 10kg. Nowadays the 5kg box has become a norm on the construction materials market. Nail packing is automated. A fully automatic packaging machine shapes the cardboard box, adds the nails, closes and seals the cardboard box. The box filled with nails is weighed and labelled. The product characteristics and the manufacturing QR code are included on the label. The ISW Câmpia Turzii label entered the local market, at first timidly applied on a brown cardboard box. Later we launched a personalized box, i.e. a green box bearing a name that is starting to be more and more popular: GREAT NAILS. We chose green for our boxes to mark our environmentally- friendly company policy: we do not pollute with non-recyclable waste, we manufacture without noise, we care about minimizing our impact and we protect the nature.

Look for the ISW Câmpia Turzii label, look for the green box and try our nails! You will not be disappointed!