After managing to deliver bulk nails in 5kg boxes, it was time to launch a new product: COIL NAILS!

Yes, you read that right, we now also make coil nails, ringed or twisted, ready to be used on pneumatic guns at pallet factories and more!

With the manufacture of nails in bulk, we demonstrated that we can achieve European quality in Romania too. We have built a solid image for an industrial brand (the ‘GREAT NAILS’) and consumers are already using the green box, both nationally and internationally. And because we couldn’t stop there, we went further, having Great nails made in bulk, profiled and welded in a roll. This is how we launched a new product: ‘COIL NAILS’.

Automation is needed more and more throughout industry. Nowadays, the era of manual hammers is long gone and the production of pallets and packaging products needs automatic nailing. The manufacturers have pneumatic nailing equipment that requires high quality nails welded in a roll that can cope with very high speeds.

We produce ringed nails in a roll for the packaging industry. They can be used with both soft and hard wood with long-lasting results. We manufacture smooth rolled nails for furniture manufacturing, suitable for chipboard and OSB. Our nails are manufactured in a versatile length range: from 38mm length (suitable for assembling two boards one on top of the other), up to a 90mm length (suitable for great depth penetration). The packing of nail rolls is done in boxes with protective cores. The boxes are packed on euro-pallets weighing 700-800 kg. A good quality semi-finished product is required in the manufacturing of roll nails. This is why, we employ only Great nails in the manufacture of roll nails.  We are delighted to be able to use our GREAT NAILS at a higher level!